NeroCOM - NeroApi.dll was not loaded

I’m trying to use NeroCOM with C++ Builder 6.
After program start the value of ner->LastError is
“NeroAPI.DLL was not loaded!”

Someone has any idea why ?



After start program LastError of NeroCOMM indicating that NeroApi.dll was not loaded but after i succesfully read list of drives.
Now I have other problem with NeroCOM & C++ Builder 6.
In this programming environment when I want to use NeroCOM.dll
first I must generate COM Object type library and here is problem - Builder not generate me class TNeroDrive for example, and I haven’t got access to NeroDrive events for example OnProgress. I think that is a bug in C++ Builder.

Does anyone use NeroCOM with C++ Builder ??
If you have any experience with using NeroApi, NeroCOM please get me some tips. I must some application which can burn CD for my work, and I have not time.
I will be very gratefull for any help. :bow:

If someone using NeroCom in C++ Builder or Delphi please send me NeroCom type library files (*.cpp, *.h for C++ Builder or *.pas for Delphi) on my email (