NeroCOM: memory leaks

I writing CD and DVD using NeroCOM. C++, ATL. NeroSDK 1.05, NeroBurningROM I use NeroISOTrack object and NeroDrive->BurnISOAudioCD() method with importing of previous track.
My exe server burns many discs without exit. Virtual memory (captured by NeroCOM) increased by ~1Mb after each burning track. My exe server exited w/o usual memory leaks (CoUninitialize() destroys all COM objects). But each burning session leaves many NeroFolder COM objects in memory with reference count == 1.
I have try recursive removes NeroFolders from ISOTrack->get_RootFolder(), but it is not solve problem.
It’s terrible. Nero API captures ~1Gb RAM after 1000 session.