NeroCOM is a Joke for burning DVDs?

I purchased Nero 6 because I needed an API I could use to put together a small LAN backup routine (that backed up to DVDs).

I thought I could do this with NeroCOM. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to work; whenever I try to burn a DVD, it stalls after the progress indicator reaches 100% (I’ve cited this in another thread, but haven’t seen any new postings there recently).

Has anyone been able to burn data DVDs using NeroCOM? If so, would you be willing to share your solution so I can see how to do it?

  • Mark

Not many around who even know about NeroCOM!
However, since AHEAD Nero has enough problems with their burning products - how can u expect their COM application to work flawless?


Fair enough. I haven’t run into any problems with Nero6, but I haven’t really pushed it yet.

Any suggestions about other libraries/COM objects that I can use for DVD burning?

  • Mark

Never been fully in this arena - I do it semi manual by using Argentum Backup to gather all my essential (network) files into one Backup Folder. Then moving it to DVD is a few manual clicks work for me :rolleyes:
Yes, I would love to have a fully automatic script solution but, hey, we’re talking Microsoft Windows (XP) here that even cant have more than 256 colours at sys startup. Not much improvement since caveman age, right?


Try searching for cdrtools on Google. I’ve used them before for making automatic nightly backups on a Linux box.