NeroCOM in VFP

Hi all,

I am trying to make NeroCOM work in VFP (Visual Foxpro) 8 - and so far the conversion from the VB-Sample is working… I can create an ISOTrack with folders etc. - but the final Call BurnIsoAudioTrack fails with type-mismatch exception :

The VB call should be translated to VFP :

I don’t know, where the error could come from - I tried the 3rd parameter as boolean - same error. So it could deal with the .NULL.-values which are Nothing-aequivalents in VFP.

Anyone an idea ?


The third parameter is of type VARIANT_BOOL. Perhaps that is your problem?

Thanks for your reply…

Hmm - I tried 0 (like in the VB-sample) and .F. (false) - both didn’t work :confused:

Best Regards