NeroCOM. how can i burn an MP3 album?


I have a few albums i have backed up to MP3. I want to make an application that can burn the whole album as an audio CD for the car, but the only examples i have found only burn one track…

Basically I just want to burn the following:

track1.mp3 - 2s gap
track2.mp3 - 0s gap
trackx.mp3 - 0s gap

is this possible with neroCOM?



Don’t worry, I’ve done it :wink:

I will post the solution if anyone is interested!

Yes :slight_smile:

Yeah. I am also interested. I’ve successfully written the audio cd burning program, but I don’t know how many mp3 files can be burnt on the CD. I don’t know how much disk space taken for each audio track.

Thanks in advance

oops. first return for 3 months… i forgot to post my file! here it is…