NeroCOM for .NET does not exit the process!

!!! NeroFiddlesCOM.NET does not exit the process !!!

Nor does any other .Net application that created an instance of Nero using Nero COM for .Net from SDK 1.08.

This started to happen for Nero version and up (Including Nero 7). I believe it worked just fine up to the version

If you are using VS 2005, you have to disable VS hosting process to replicate the problem.

I have run a lot of tests on diferent machines with different Nero versions installed and I am confident that this is a bug in a Nero software that was introduced in version and up (or may be a little earlier).

I would hope that Ahead will take a look into it ASAP as all our applications will not end up with Nero updates installed. ! ! !

I am using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and I dont have this problem wint Nero 7 and Nero SDK 1.08, but I have this problem with Nero 6 and Nero SDK 1.08.

Confirmed. [B]Nero 7 version works fine [/B]!
(I had issues with previous versions of 7 though)

Nevertheless, our clients are using Nero 6 and I still need the fix for it…

-With Nero and Nero Vision 4:
I cannot create VCD,SVCD or DVD
-With Nero and Nero Vision 3:
I cannot create DVD
-Do you use it?