NeroCOM - creating iso file of a folder (without burning) using Visual Basic

I have some folders, say

and so on…

I need to create an iso file (image file for dvd data) for each one:

I’ve successfully used NeroCom object to create and burn dvds, but now I only want to create iso files without burning them.

By now I have:


    drive.BurnIsoAudioCD("", "", False, isotrack, Nothing, Nothing, NEROLib.NERO_BURN_FLAGS.NERO_BURN_FLAG_WRITE, CInt(nudVelocitaMasterizzazione.Value), NEROLib.NERO_MEDIA_TYPE.NERO_MEDIA_DVD_M_R + NEROLib.NERO_MEDIA_TYPE.NERO_MEDIA_DVD_P_R)

What options must be changed to only create iso files (and verify them) without burning them?


Is there a specific function in visual basic 2005 to create an iso file from a given folder?
(well maybe this is a question for vb developers… excuse me)

any hints?

Sorry, I’m doing the same thing in C# but maybe it will still help you. The following works great with Nero, but with,,, and, it doesn’t work as it should. I’m actually waiting on a reply to the message I posted to the forum a couple days ago with the subject ‘OnFileSelImage doesn’t work in Nero’.

Anyway, I think all you need to do is make sure to subscribe to the OnFileSelImage nero event (it’ll of course look a little different in VB).

// Subscribe to Nero events.
nero_evOnFileSelImage = new NEROLib._INeroEvents_OnFileSelImageEventHandler (nero_OnFileSelImage);
nero.OnFileSelImage += nero_evOnFileSelImage;

Then, you must implement the function:

private void nero_OnFileSelImage(ref string Filename)
//this is where you would either set the name of the iso file, and set the path to //where it will be saved. I actually do it two ways, by prompting the user with a save //file as dialog, and secondly, by letting them specify it in a different part of the //program.

Then, sometime before you call the drive.BurnIsoAudioCD function, you must set the selected drive to ‘Image Recorder’.

this.AvailableBurnersCombo.SelectedItem = “Image Recorder”;
drive = (NEROLib.NeroDrive)drives.Item(AvailableBurnersCombo.SelectedIndex);

I know it’s in C#, but maybe that will point you in the right direction. If you figure out how to make it work in versions newer than, I would be very interested to know.

Good luck!

Welll, thanks a lot.

I simply added the event management on my code in this way:

Private Sub nero_OnFileSelImage(ByRef Filename As String) Handles nero.OnFileSelImage
    Dim posizz As Integer = Strings.InStr(m_direttorio, "copy_", CompareMethod.Text)
    Filename = sTxtDestinazioneFileIso & nomeDelFileIso & ".iso"
End Sub

So when user chooses the “Image Recorder” burner my application starts to make iso files.

It seems to work… but it doesn’t!!!

Sometimes isos are correctly created, but somotimes not: it simply start creation but hangs in a unpredictable way!!!

I tried with nero 7_2_3_2b ultra edition and with nero 7_0_1_2 premium, but the problem is still there!

Where can I find a demo version ???

Can you help me?

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure. I got by purchasing the CD from CompUSA. It was when they had a rebate so I got it free after submitting rebates.

I’m hoping the next version after will fix the Image Burning problem that seems to be in every release after

Maybe if you go to a store that doesn’t do much business, you may be able to find an old copy.

Good luck…

I can confirm that with Nero (using Nero type library 1.0.3, instead of nero type library 1.0.4 in nero 7) my software can create iso files regularly!!!

The only problem is that the process is much slower:

) nero 7; every iso creation takes about 8 minutes for about 4 Gb -->> sometimes it works and sometimes not (very random behaviour!!!)

) nero; every iso creation takes about 15 minutes for about 4 Gb -->> till now it worked perfectly for every iso file.

(obviously I used the same PC, with same OS and same conditions)

I’m still looking for nero since time is always an important resource…

Thank you for your suggestions (that bug was driving me crazy…).

You’re welcome…I know how you feel. One thing though, I’m surprised that it works for you sometimes in Nero 7. I haven’t been able to get it to work with anything later than Maybe it’s a difference between C# and VB.

Let’s hope the developers at Nero fix it in the next release.