NeroCom CDInfo

I have been searching the site with no luck. Is there a secret to getting the CDInfo to work. OnDoneCDInfo never launches. I am using lib 1.1 and vb6 with win xp. I mostly need to get the available erase types…is there another way?


No, there is no other way. To get available erase modes you need to get the CDInfo. Please try the latest NeroCOM version.

I believe that I have the newest version. Anyone have vb code that will work for this?

DriveFinished = False
’ wait for event done and handled
While Not DriveFinished
If CancelPressed Then
GoTo Exit_Me
End If
X = DoEvents()

'event for read cd info done
Private Sub Drive_OnDoneCDInfo(ByVal pCDInfo As NEROLib.INeroCDInfo)
'set number of existing sessions
On Local Error GoTo NoTracks:

NumExistingTracks = pCDInfo.Tracks.Count
'set done flag
DriveFinished = True
Exit Sub

NumExistingTracks = 0
DriveFinished = True
End Sub