NeroCOM & C++ Builder 6



Did anyone tried to use NeroCOM with Borland C++ Builder programs. When I “Import type library” Builder have generated me an interface for NeroCom but it is not want to compile. For example a get following code
interface _INeroAudioTrackEvents : public TDispWrapper<IDispatch>
HRESULT __fastcall OnReadAudioBurn(long* Length/[in,out]/, VARIANT* Data/[in,out]/)
_TDispID _dispid(/* OnReadAudioBurn / DISPID(1));
TAutoArgs<2> _args;
_args[1] = Length /
_args[2] = Data /
return OleFunction(_dispid, _args);

HRESULT _fastcall OnEOF(VARIANT_BOOL* EOF/[in,out]/)
_TDispID _dispid(/* OnEOF / DISPID(2));
TAutoArgs<1> _args;
_args[1] = Eof /
[VT_BOOL:1]*/; // <- compiler tells mi thet Eof is unknown symbol (?)
return OleFunction(_dispid, _args);

HRESULT __fastcall OnError(VARIANT_BOOL* Error/[in,out]/)
_TDispID _dispid(/* OnError / DISPID(3));
TAutoArgs<1> _args;
_args[1] = Error /
return OleFunction(_dispid, _args);

In OnEof method is following line:
args[1] = Eof
and compiler indicate an error (Eof unknown)
I changed it with EOF
. Does it good solution ?

I anyone has some experience with using Nero SDK in Borland C++ Builder please send me some example. First I tried to use NeroApi but it is not working (with Visual working good, but with Builder not). Now I tried to use NeroCOM and I have problem too.
Please for help. It is very important for me.