Nerocom API - .BUP and .IFO

I am a new user to Nero and I have been through this forum reviewing all the code that everyone has displayed but I feel that I am still missing something.
My goal is to burn .bup and .ifo files to the dvd drive using the appropriate folder structure “video_ts” and “audio_ts”.

My first question is: I am using the BuildFileFolderTree and BurnISOAudioCD to burn the files. Am I using the right combination or should I be using the NeroFileSystemDescContainer and BurnFileSystemContent?

I am able to successfully burn and view the scenes using the BurnISOAudioCD but I am finding that it does not play on all DVD players. Am I missing an option?

Here is the burning statement, I am not sure what all the options mean so my question is am I using the correct options?

Call BuildFileFolderTree(Folder, fso.GetFolder(Source_Dir))

isotrack.Name = "Test"
isotrack.RootFolder = Folder
Drive.BurnIsoAudioCD "Test", "DVD", 0, isotrack, Nothing, Nothing, NERO_BURN_FLAG_WRITE + NERO_BURN_FLAG_DISABLE_EJECT, 0, NERO_MEDIA_DVD_P_R 

Thank you in advance…