NeroCOM: Any idea how to prevent tray from being ejected by WaitForMedia?

Any ideas on how I could get NeroDrive.WaitForMedia (this is via NeroCOM) to not eject the tray initially? I’ve tried using the NERO_BURN_FLAG_DISABLE_EJECT which works OK during burning, but it doesn’t have any effect in this case.

Since my app decides by itself when it has enough data to burn a CD and then prompts indefinately for a new CD via WaitForMedia, I was hoping to prevent all automated ejecting in case someone decides to close the PC/server rack door in the meantime (ouch!) :slight_smile:

You can use NeroDrive.DeviceReady and/or NeroDrive.CDInfo instead.

Hmmm, now that you mention it I suppose that was the obvious alternative. Thanks for the suggestion, czykit.