NeroCOM and .NET Remoting problems

Hi all,

the facts: Win XP Prof, Visual Studio 2005, .NET runtime 2.0
VB.NET app referencing ‘Nero 1.4 Type Library’

I’m in the process of building a client/server application which uses .NET Remoting for communication between client and server.

The object that is being hosted (remoted) by the server, and connected to (instanciated) by the client, has a private variable of type ‘NEROLib.Nero’.

I’m having a rather elusive problem when the remote object actually tries to instanciate the Nero object: the call ‘New Nero’ hangs…

The stripped down code of my problem is this (the class that is being remoted):

Imports System.Runtime.Remoting

Imports NEROLib
Imports Scripting

    Public Class RemoteObject
        Inherits MarshalByRefObject
        Implements IRemote

        Private nero As NEROLib.Nero
        Private fso As Scripting.FileSystemObject

        Private Sub New()

            Me.fso = New FileSystemObject ' <- this works
            Me.nero = New Nero  ' <- this doesn't - app hangs here...

        End Sub

    End Class

There is NO PROBLEM instanciating other COM objects in a similar way in my object - I have included a variable of type ‘Scripting.FileSystemObject’ in the example, which instanciates just fine. Only Nero blocks… So right now I’m tending to believe this is a Nero issue - but not sure.

Anyone ANY ideas ? All hints/suggestions appreciated.