NeroCOM and CDStamp

Hi all,
How to use CDStamp in NeroCOM.
I am importing the previous session and adding the imported folder to the root folder. But I can’t see the files of the imported session after writing the new one.

Any idea how to set the CDStamp like in NeroAPI NERO_WRITE_CD structure?

thanks… :slight_smile:

OnDoneImport/OnDoneImport2 events give you the NeroCDStamp which you should pass back to one of the Burn functions.

How are you adding the imported folder to the root folder? Can you post some code?

Hi alexp, thanks for your reply.
I am using the following code:

public void OnDoneImportEventHandler(ref bool Ok , ref NEROLib.NeroFolder Folder , ref NEROLib.NeroCDStamp CDStamp )

nfolder is the root folder.

thanks again… :slight_smile:

When I use NeroCDStamp in NeroDrive.BurnISOAudioCD, it gives
“Invalid cast exception: No such Interface supported”

Anybody know how to burn mullisession DVD with NeroCOM??

Please Help…

A rather unusual problem with COM and .NET interaction has been detected. Therefore, events in .NET environment do not behave properly. On the other hand, a workaround is found so the changes will be reflected in the next Nero release.

Thanks for your reply.

When can I expect the next Nero release??

The downloadable Nero versions are usually updated once a month.

Sajith, did you managed to get it working with com from Nero6.6.0.1?

Iam still having the same problem.

Thx in advance.