NeroCmd burns the Folder but it is empty! Which parameters I´ve forgotten.

erocmd --write --real --recursive --close_session --iso SV0001 c: empbrennen* --drivename Y”

try adding the wildcard, this should burn everything in the directory. You only have a *

erocmd --write --real --recursive --close_session --iso SV0001 c: empbrennen*.* --drivename Y”

I´ve done but the Subdirectories are empty too!

try this, this is what I use. I just changed your path with mine.

nerocmd --write --drivename y --no_user_interaction --recursive --underrun_prot --iso SV0001 --real c: empbrennen*.*

btw, what version of nerocmd are you using?

Noway! There is an wrong parameter. In the folder tempbrennen are two .pdf and two subdirectories

Thanks for help, I`ve found the error!

Well what was it?