I am triying to run this parameter script

–iso test . est*;
–drivename d;
–error_log log.txt;

but I get the fallowing message :

Drive was not allowed!

I presume those semicolons are typos? The “Drive was not allowed” errors comes from NeroAPI. Your d drive probably cannot be used for burning.

You should try:

nerocmd --driveinfo -drivename d

and see if you can find out what is wrong. You should see “allowed” under “Capabilities” if the drive is allowed.

Thanks for your tip.
I was able to burn with this drive threw the nero express gui.
The script however does not work with nerocmd

Here is my drive info

Drive letter : D
Device name : MATSHITA UJDA710
Device id : 0
Host adapter name : atapi
Host adapter number : 1
Underrun protection : <none>
Drive buffer size : 00000800
Mandatory BUP speed : <none>
Device type : WORM
Media support : CD-R/RW
Capabilities : dao read_cd_text dao_write_cd_text
Read speeds : 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24
Base speed in KB/s : 150
Write speeds : 2, 4, 8
Base speed in KB/s : 150

Sorry, I can’t help you further. The drive is obviously not allowed (which is what you got as error anyway).

Can this parameter be modified to put it as allowed.

Also, why was I allowed to burn with the nero gui.

No, you cannot modify it. It is not a parameter. It is a drive capability as returned by NeroAPI.

I too am having the same problem getting NeroCMD to work. I can burn CD’s with NeroExpress no problem on the drive, but any and all attempts to use NeroCMD result in the error message “Drive was not allowed!” I tried to execute “nerocmd --driveinfo --drivename E” but the version of nerocmd I am running does not seem to support the --driveinfo option. I am running version The CD/RW drive I am running is a Yahama CRW2100S (SCSI) drive and so it certainly has burning capabilities. Any ideas anyone?

Please update to latest Nero 5.5 or Nero 6 version. This should solve your problem.

OK. Updating to did indeed fix the problem. Thanks Mat. All works perfectly now.

i have a problem that the cd is finalized.
can u tell me the exact command line please!