NeroCMD with 2 CD-Recorder?

Is it possible to use NeroCMD with more then one recorder?

In the GUI of Nero is it possible with a klick on “Use multiple recorders”. In NeroCMD i only have the option to choose one CD-Recorder with “–drivename”.

I dont want to start 2 NeroCMD-tasks. Can i write with NeroCMD 2 CDs in the same time?

Thanks, Jockel

No! The only way you can do it is by running two separate NeroCMDs in concurrently.

In developing a program for a CD Duplicator I got two ISO images to burn simultaneously, but when the burn was completed the program crashed after the drives were ejected. When trying to run two separate instances of nero the second drive waited for the first to finish before starting to write.

Any ideas why this might happen? :confused:



Can I suse 2 or more recorders simultaneously to burn 2 or more CD/DVD of the same information??

I use Nero 7 and Nero SDK 1.07.

It is very important for the application which I am developping. I think that if Nero 7 can do it, I should do it using SDK.

I would appreciate any help.



How many NeroCmds can I start concurrently?