NeroCmd not recursing properly

I’m using NeroCmd (SDK1.03) with Nero 5.5.10 and this command file:

–drivename F
–error_log d:\wsupdate
–media_type media_cd
–iso 2_8_783
d:\wsupdate*.exe d:\wsupdate*.zip d:\wsupdate*.app d:\wsupdate*.dll

The CD is burned OK, but there’s something wrong with the recursion - it only goes 1 folder level down and seems not to pick up all the files at that level. For example if there are .exe and .zip files in the folder it will only pick up the .exe files. The next sub folder has no .exe files and will pick up zip files OK. And so on.

Is it a big, or am I missing something?


Brian Abbott

Well, no answers so I guess it’s a bug then …


Yes, it is a bug. It have a different manifestation here but generally it is probably down to the same cause.

This will be fixed in the next release.