[nerocmd / NeroCOM] How to burn .ISO?


I’m pretty new to this (Nero SDK).

I have an .ISO file. How to burn it using nerocmd? What are the exact command line parameters?

I’ve gone through the help, and specified all the parameters, but I dont get any error message. nerocmd just displays the help. Could someone please mention the exact command ?

Also, how to do the same using NeroCOM in VB?

Sorry for being so dumb… but I’m really new at this!


NeroCMD first displays an error message and then the usage instructions immediately afterwards. You should scroll up and find the error message.

To burn an .ISO or .NRG image, you can use the following parameters:

–drivename drive name or drive letter<NAME letter drive or your of><YOUR letter drive or name>
–image path to image file

… and some other applicable options you might want to add.