Nerocmd + Function not allowed


I have a big problem. I try to make a new cd with nerocmd.

But everytime i try to do this my PC has an error:

Funktion not allowed

Funktion not allowed

I don’t know what i should do now. Can you please help me?

I am using following command:

nerocmd --write --tao --real – iso test – speedtest --underrun_prot --close_session --import_iso_only --drivename e --speed 8 c:\daten


what do you want to do?

If you want to import a previous session you have also to use --import[xy]; xy is the session-number to import or without session number the last session will be imported;

If “daten” is a directory you have also to use --recursive;

–close_session closes the session but not the cd;

I use and it works fine.