i´ve tried to realise a --speedtest and a --detect_non_empty_cdrw command
on console (shame on me…excuse my bad english)

both quit with Internal Error messages :frowning:

perhaps you can give me a helpline to find out what´s wrong?

maybe the following commandline makes my probs clear::

nerocmd --speedtest --drivename d
nerocmd --detect_non_empty_cdrw --drivename d

all other functions work fine…burnsburnsburns :wink:
but i want to test the speed because there are different drives i want to work with and i want to check the cd-rom if it´s a non-burned-cd-rom.

okai befor u have to ask me…i use it with php in a browser as a background burn over system() / exec() command. so i have to check these things.

thats all for the moment my life turns around


i have found one workaround for the prob to find out if cd-rom is empty or not…
nerocmd --cdinfo --drivename d
give me the feedback to check if the cd-rom is empty or not…
so, only one prob of speedcheck (hmm surching for words a. a… ac… oh noo) is there