NeroCmd Errors Preventing Burn

Hi…This is my first attempt to use NeroCmd.exe. I am usiing it as the last line in a Windows 2000 batch program to burn a “” file of backup data stored in C:\SysBakupZip\ as follows

“C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\NeroCmd.exe” --write --real --drivername h --tao --iso SysBackup --no_user_interaction --close_session --recursive C:\SysBakupZip\

I have run the batch program with and without a blank CDR in the h drive and do get my in the correct directory but no burn or any response from the device. I get the following error report.

Input/Output error encountered
No such directory path
ErrorLevel exit: 3
Invalid Parameters

I have verified the directory paths as correct. The NeroCmd manual pdf file gives error level 3 as “NEROAPI.dll not found”, but doing a search on my Windows 2000 shows neroAPI.dll to be in the Nero directory. I have checked all my command line pararmeters against the pdf manual and several posts on the web and can’t spot the problem. Regards Nick

I don’t know if it’s the cause of your problem but you at least have a typo in your syntax:

“C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\NeroCmd.exe” --write --real --drivername h --tao --iso SysBackup --no_user_interaction --close_session --recursive C:\SysBakupZip\

This should be drivename instead of drivername. If you’re only copying one file you can also remove the --recursive option I think as it does a recursive file search and there’s no need to search if you know where the file is located.

Hi DoMiN8ToR…Thanks very much. Deleting that one letter fixed it!! I hate to admit how many times I looked over those parameters and completely missed that. No further error message references to directories or neroapi.dll; just a nice feeling watching the burn progress. Regards, Nick