Nerocmd dual layer problem read not complete size

I am testing out nerocmd with a dual layer dvd burner. There may be a parameter that I have missed but I’m not sure what that would be. The parameter file is as follows:
–write --real --tao --DVD --disable_eject --error_log ArcErrorLog.txt
–iso test \mycomputer\myfile\mybigfile.bak
–drivename e:
The file to be burned to DVD is 5.1 GB and appears to burn correctly. When you try to view the dvd in windows (XP and 2003) the file appears as approx 1 GB. This looks like it is displaying the second layer.
C:\Utilities>nerocmd --cdinfo --drivename e:
DVD+R DL, not writable, 0 blocks free
Artist unknown, Title unknown
Medium flags:
Layer 0 max blocks: 1295008
Total capacity: 2589983

Type Start Stop Length Sess# ISRC


  1. data 0x00000000 0x0027851f 0x00278520 1

Any help would be appreciated.

sdk 1.06 - nerocmd 2.0 - windows XP and 2003 server - burner Plextor PX-716UF
used IBM record now and explorer shows full size of file.