NeroCmd don't create subdirectories

Hi guys!
Would You explain, how i can write files on CD with some directories structures?
I mead that
–write --real
–drivename d

creates a disс with heap of files without any directories :confused:

Sorry guys :sad:
already posted question. Answer is that NeroCmd is too simple to create some directories structure on CD :sad:
I would be glad to program it, but thereis no any actual Pascal sources with Nero API :sad:

You can specify only the directory containing the files you want to burn and use --recursive parameter, so the directory structure will also be created on the disk.
If you want only to burn the mp3, what about to copy them to another location first?

Thank You for answer Yes i know that parameter but i have structure like


How i can write on CD the following directory structure


As far as i know NeroCmd can’t do that :frowning: