Nerocmd discinfo for dvd


I’m attempting to integrate the code from nerocmd into my own application, but I’m having trouble using the --discinfo command. When there is a dvd in the drive, discinfo will not return any data until I manually eject the disc.

I am using the command:
nerocmd --discinfo --drivename e

Does anyone know why this is and how I can correct it?

My dvd is multisession and has not been finalised. I am using Win XP Visual Studio 7.1 C++ with mfc.

Any help is appreciated.

If it helps, the dvd was created with the following NeroCMD commands:

first time:
nerocmd --write --drivename e --dvd --real --iso test --close_session --disable_eject --no_user_interaction c: est\APicture.jpg

second time:
nerocmd --write --drivename e --dvd --real --iso test --import --close_session --disable_eject --no_user_interaction c: est\TextFile.txt

Is this perhaps where I’m going wrong? Should I have specified --import_vms_session instead of --import ? However I am experiencing this problem even after creation of the first session when no import has taken place.

Please help, I really need to be able to determine whether my file will fit before I write it.

Thank you,

I have just noticed from reading through the source code that using the --ISO command line argument sets the burn type to BURNTYPE_ISOAUDIO and hence NeroBurn is called with the NERO_ISO_AUDIO_MEDIA flag.

I however, am writing a data dvd with a mixture of filetypes (though I am most intersted in mpg files). Could this be causing the problem reading discinfo? What burn type should I be using and how do I specify this to NeroCMD?


ISOAUDIO means ISO AND/OR Audio. I.e. data disks or audio disks.


Thanks for the reassurance Mike.

I have done some reading and don’t think I need to use VMS as my DVD is +R or -R and not RW.

I have tried writing the DVD with explicit specification of the media type e.g. --media_type media_dvd_m_r but this didn’t help with my discinfo problem.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I am more familiar with NeroCom than Nerocmd. If you are integrating into an application the typical route is to use NeroCom Or NeroAPI, Nerocmd is really just intended for command line burning. Is there any particular reason for using Nerocmd?

The first suggestion is always to ensure you are using the most uptodate Nero version - though to be honest I don`t expect this to solve your problem.


I’m using NeroCmd because it had an example of multisession already in it. It’s also written in C++, the language I am using, and from what I can see the NeroCOM examples are not.

I’m not planning on altering the code much at this point, I simply simulate the commandline by populating the PARAMETERS object directly. Hence I need to know which command line arguments I should be using.

I should be using the most recent versions of everything since I only downloaded them a couple of weeks ago: From NeroCmd --version I’m using NeroCMD Nero API

Your command line parameters are correct but note, some recorders need to reject the media to be able to recognize currently written data. So if you try to receive disc info immediatelly after printing without openning and closing the tray again, this could be the reason for.

Thank for your help. Unfortunately ejecting and re-inserting the disc doesn’t help. However I am now using a USB writer, and which works fine, so I guess it was down to the device in my laptop.

I have same problem with HL-DT-ST DVD ±RWGWA4164B IDE only the other DVD burners work properly. Please note that com based application fixes this issue also.