NeroCmd command problems


I am trying to use NeroCmd with multisession option. I had a look at some of the threads releated with this topic:

Here it is what someone is using (thanks for the post)

Burn Cd first time:
nerocmd --write --drivename d --real --iso test --close_session c:\dummy1.txt

following sessions
nerocmd --write --drivename d --real --iso test --import --close_session c:\dummy2.txt

Here it is what I am trying to use:

"NeroCMD --write --real --drivename " + unitCD +
" --tao --recursive --iso " + label + " --iso-mode2 " +
"–close_session " +
"–detect_non_empty_cdrw --underrun_prot " +
"–import_iso_only " +
"–media_type media_cdrw --disable_eject "
"–no_user_interaction " + " “” + filePath + " " ";

Following Sessions:

“NeroCmd --write --real --drivename " + unitCD +
" --tao --recursive --iso " + label + " --iso-mode2 " +
“–close_session” +
" --detect_non_empty_cdrw --underrun_prot --import_iso_only”

  • " --import --media_type media_cdrw --disable_eject " +
    "–no_user_interaction " + " “” + filePath + " " ";

Does anyone has a clue of the right order or another reason that could explain why the second option does not work?.

When using the second option, it will overwrite the previous session and the data too!!! ¿?¿?¿?

What should I remove or change?
I know the size does matter, but Does the Order matters?

Thanks in advance. :bow: :bow: :bow:

‘–import_iso_only’ is an obsolete command line parameter. Please use ‘–import’ only. But note using this option without the number of session to import will import the last session present on the disc.



I am new to Nero SDK. Please help me out and I have no clue how to solve this problem. Guide me if I am in the wrong thread.

Question: Does NeroCmd.exe has option to split large files so that it will fit in two DVD’s.
(Ex: if I have a Database backup file which is of 6 GB I want to split the backup file so that 4GB will go into 1 dvd and the rest goes into the second)

I just want to mention that we are using Nero Version 6.

Any guide lines or help is appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance