[nerocmd] burning multi session dvd problem



Hi guys,

I’m having a problem about using [nerocmd] to burn multi session dvd. I’ve read several [Thread]s in here and got many good advices, but still.

In summary from those [Thread]s,

For first time burning, I use

> nerocmd --write --real --drivename e --close_session --dvd --iso bakup dummy-one.txt

For next time burning, I use

> nerocmd --write --real --drivename e --import --dvd --iso bakup dummy-two.txt

I’ve tested it with a [DVD+RW] and it worked like a charm. But when I tested it with a [DVD+R], it didn’t.

For [DVD+R], after the first time burning, I could only burn a few sesssions into it, says 3 more sessions, then after that, [nerocmd] just blamed me that the disc is not writable. The error message is

> Last detected media: unknown
> Requested media: DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW,
> This disc is not writable.
> Please insert a writable disc…

Need advice, thanks in advance.


You will have to use --close_session parameter for the next time burning too. Else the disc will be closed.


Oh! Oh! thank you very much. I will try it on Monday.

Anyway I omitted that ‘–close-session’ cause that I saw it from some threads :stuck_out_tongue:

stated that we can omit.


yeah! it just work a treat! Thank you very much, czykit.