NeroCmd - burning a windows file to DVD+RW

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could offer a newbie a little help.

Quite simply, I want to copy a folder from my c:\ drive to a DVD+RW

I’m trying to achieve this with:

nerocmd --drivename e --erase
nerocmd --write --drivename e --media_type media_dvd_p_rw --create_iso_fs --iso backup “c:\myfolder”

The erase works fine.
When it gets to the other bit, it tells me I didn’t specify any tracks and tells me “user abort”

Any ideas ?

Best setup the parm and pass it … may eliminate your headache.
I would just pipe the results of dir /s /b to the end of this setup.

–drivename D
–iso ‘BACKUP’

Hope this helps you out.

You have to add the --recursive option if you want to burn the contents of a directory.

thanks all - will give this a go

really appreciate you taking your time to answer