Nerocmd: burn backup on cd-rw with various file formats

Hey together,

first of all hi and gratulation for this great community.

I want to automate a backup-process with nerocmd. These files are located in a defined dir. The problem is, that the file-formats are absolutely various including audio files, normal data-files and videos. I don’t know which mode i should chose:

NeroCmd.exe --write --drivename F --real --cdextra --audio E: est_backup\ *.mp3 --iso backup --disable_eject --no_user_interaction --underrun_prot --backup --recursive --error_log E:\backup.log E:\backup

Nerocmd doesn’t accept any wildcards, right? So how can i solve this problem?



I’m not familiar with Nerocmd at all. But is there an option to simply burn the CD as a data CD? It might say something like CD-ROM (ISO) or something similar. I know that with “regular” Nero, selecting data CD will allow you to burn pretty much any file you want on that CD. So if this option is available, then the various file types shouldn’t be a problem.

Well there is an option to burn iso cdroms (–iso). But if i chose it without the following parameters: --cdextra and --audio <filename> i get several errors concerning the audio files.

To get the whole list of commands do a ‘NeroCmd.exe > commands.txt’. You’ll find the nerocmd.exe and the commands.txt in your nero dir:




I think the issue may be the “cdextra” command. I think that’s an audio CD with data information on it (like a music video, pics, etc). They’re special because an audio CD player will detect them as an audio CD but a computer will allow access to the data portion of the CD. Is that what you’re trying to create?

From your post, it just sounds like you’re trying to create a normal data CD (one that can be read by your computer only). If this is the case, then I’d suggest using the option to burn the iso CD-ROMS without the “cdextra” and “audio” commands. But you say that when you do that, you get errors concerning the audio files. What kind of errors?