NeroCMD and SuperVideoCD

Hi all,

this is my first post on this forum:-)
I would like to know if someone have already modified the nerocmd.exe project in order to have the option --image recognized by all the writing method.
What I would like is to batching the svideo cd creation with something like:

nerocmd --write --drivename “Image Recorder” --real --svideocd %1 --iso %2 --title %2 --temp_path d: emp

The problem is that at the end it will ask me for the image name of the file to be created ( xxx.nrg ).

I would like to specify some extra parameter like ( --image c:%1.nrg ) so I can do many images in full automation.

The --image parameter is present in the help but is not recognized if used in conjuction with --svideocd.

Hope someone can help me on that.


The --image parameter is not for providing the filename of the image that is created. It specificies an image file that is to be written on the CD.

To specifiy a filename for the image recorder, you can append “< filename.txt” to the command line. The file filename.txt itself includes the name of the file, e.g: C:\myimage.nrg. Be aware that there have to be a Carriage Return after the filename of the image file.

The next version of NeroCMD will include a parameter to specify the image file to be created. Generally, you just have to provide the filename to NeroAPI by copying it in the data buffer of the CBurnContext::UserDialog method if type is DLG_FILESEL_IMAGE.


Thanx for the answer. When would be out the next nerocmd version ?

I’m not a programmer so I have no chance to make the parameter work modifying the code by myself.

Looking forward for an answer.



NeroCMD is included in Nero since and will also be included in the next demo version of Nero, presumably available at beginning of July.

Download link for Nero is:

Thanx a lot for our work:D

I will try it in July as soon as available.



I have found the new nerocmd.exe inside with the new “–output_image <filename>” parameter.

First of all thanx a lot. I will try it out asap and post here my tests.

Again thanx.