NeroCMD and multiple files


I currently use Nero Burning ROM ( I would like to try to find
a way to automate the process of burning. A couple of things that I have
thought of was:

  1. Generate the NRI file to pass to Nero Burning ROM. It seems the NRI
    file format is binary in nature and I have not found any utilities or references to the format of this type of file.

  2. Use NeroCMD utility to burn the files. It seems that you can burn
    files by something like:

NeroCMD.exe --write --real --drivename E --underrun_prot --media_type
media_dvd --speed 48 --close_session file1.txt file2.txt

However I have quite a few folders of files to write and I don’t think
that they would all fit on the command line. I don’t want to put them
into a temporary directory first as this would be a pain to do.

Is there a way for NeroCMD to read from a list file that contains the
folders/files to be burned?

  1. Are there any other ways to automate the burning of files/folders
    through Nero?

  2. Are there any other solutions out there to do this same type of
    thing? We used to use EZ CD Creator eons ago and could build a text
    file with the files which we would like to burn.

Mike McWhinney
elja, Inc.