NeroCmd and ISO Standard



Hey All,

I’ve been having some issues creating ISO compliant image files with NeroCmd. I want to create ISO compliant images and not NRG, so that I can use any burn software to burn the image.

I’ve been using the following settings:
; Parameter File for demonstration purposes
; Comments are started with a semicolon
–write ;select write command
–drivename “Image Recorder”
–iso test g: estdir*.*
–output_image g: est.iso

Other burn software reports that the ISO produced is not a valid ISO image.

Any help thanks,



I use ImgTool Classic to build my .ISO files. I started using it after I had a few problems with Nero. Users here at CDFreaks recommended it. Only takes about 6 minutes. Their site is . Good luck.


I really just need a command line tool that will create ISO for CD-R media.


Hey Hitman,

Thanks for mkisofs link. Its exactly what I needed.



Glad it worked for you.