NeroCmd and international symbols in batch file



Hi guys!

Everything is fine, but directorie’s name contains russian symbols, so
when i’m running NeroCmd.exe @param.txt with C:\Data\Some russian symbols*.* NeroCmd says that can’t find any files.

It’s very sad :confused:
Any ideas would be very appreciable!


Hi Splinty,
we encounterd the same problem using NERO API, no unicode characters in path descriptions are supported. You’ll have to check the path for non-ASCII characters-
and copy the files to some “simple” temp folder before burning your CD. During your copy operation, it’s also necessary to replace all Unicode- Characters in file names (eg. with underlines “_”), otherwise you’ll have the same problem with the files.


Hi Ullrich!
Thank You for reply, fellow!
Here You are my modest investigation.
If You place all path in double quote “some native path”
and uses NeroCmd.exe @param.txt
where param.txt will be in Your native charset (in my russian case it’s win1251)
that problem will gone… But of course NearoCmd is too week application to work. :confused:
I’ve been trying include in my Pascal project something CD writing and failed…
Now my good C++ friend got to help me and correct :slight_smile: