NeroCmd and dual layer DVDs


I am trying to write a large file to a dual layer DVD using NeroCmd.

If I use Nero Express Essentials to write a file of 7.71GB to a dual layer DVD+R it works - so I know my DVD writer and disks are OK.

If I use NeroCmd with the following command:

nerocmd --write --drivename e: --real --dvd --media_type media_dvd_p_r9 --iso DLtest --create_iso_fs --use_allspace <myfile>

NeroCmd reports it is burning to Layer 1 and then Layer 2 but after the burn myfile shows only half the file size. If I look at the DVD in Windows Explorer under Properties the used space shows the correct file size. It looks like only layer 1 is being reported for the file size.

Can anyone send me the correct commands.


Ok so no one has any ideas regarding NeroCmd and dual layer DVDs.

I have written a MS Visual C++ program using the NeroAPI (v7.0.5.6) that gives a backup option to my application. This works fine for files that fit onto a regular DVD (4.7GB) but I have been unable to extend my code to work with dual layer DVDs. I thought if I could get the correct commands for NeroCmd to burn to dual layer DVDs I could trace the code and work out where I am going wrong.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on writing to dual layer DVDs with the NeroAPI? I can post more information if required.


I finally found the reason why my large file was not buring to dl disks correctly -

I need to set the file system to UDF as well as ISO as ISO does not support files over 2GB (I think it is 2GB, anyway the limit is smaller than the file I want to write), I now use the following command:

writeCD->nwcdIsoTrack = NeroCreateIsoTrackEx(mniiFile,

and this appears to work. I found this out by spending a long time looking at this forum and other websites. Like a lot of things with the Nero SDK the solution is easy to find it you already know the answer!