NeroCmd access violation when canceling a burn process


I have noticed that NeroCmd crashes with Access Violation for an empty pointer if the user cancel the burn process right around the time Nero moves from writing Lead-in to writing tracks.

Here is the parameter file I used:

–drivename “f”
–iso “cd_lable”
“c: est.dll”

The crash can be reproducted with the downloaded NeroCmd.exe, but I found that if I run the NeroCmd in debug mode in VS .NET 1.1, I can reasonally more reliablly cause the access violation by hitting Ctrl-C when the progress indicator reaches the brief pause right around the point where Nero transition from writing lead-in to writing tracks. (Set the IDE to continue for Win32 Exceptions 40010005, Control-C, so that it will not intefere with the testing).

The access violation is for a pointer with null value in newtrf.dll.

Can anyone help? I am writing a wrapper around NeroCmd and so I can use it in my application. Any help will be greatly appreciated.