Nerocheck.exe? What does it do?

Does anybody now what Nerocheck.exe does that runs in system memory all the time?

I quote roadworker who answered this here

Nerocheck is used for burning with Administrator rights in Win 2K

But it should only run at startup… Not all the time…
Are you on XP or 2K?

yes it runs at start up and I am running windows xp. What does it do exactly is my question.

Well i’m not sure that’s correct…I had problems with Nero, somethin about :Your Nero .exe has been modified…bla bla.I’ve read some posts about it and lead me to conclusion that i have to disable Nero’s AV load on start-up.I did that but the annoyin problem was still there.It went away when i disabled nerocheck.exe @ msconfig.I’m using win XP…

from the F.A.Q. on

I have noticed there is a NeroCheck.exe program constantly running in the background when I install the Nero/Nero Express/NeroVision Express software. What does this program do?

This program constantly checks for known drivers that can conflict with our Nero/Nero Express/NeroVision Express software. And when you print or save the Nero log file, you will see this list of drivers that this program has found at the bottom of the Nero Log file.