Nerocheck.exe and ElbyCheck.exe

Nerocheck.exe and ElbyCheck.exe are in my system startup list, and i was wondering if Nero and Clonecd would continue work properly if i removed these from my startup. Any advice on this issue?

Yes, they will work fine. You have to delete/move them from “Startup” in menú START/PROGRAMS.(i think they will be there)
If not, Start menu, “Run” and put MSCONFIG, you have to go to autostarts and uncheck there.
Another way is with programs like Tweak-XpPro, jv16 powertools, etc (tweakers)

i wish it helps you.

What does ElbyCheck do?
What does Nerocheck do?

Just some more information :wink: You can disable the files but they can prevent problems with your drives/software so it’s done at your own risk.

Thanx for the quick reply guys and/or gals! I think i will just leave them be. I can’t risk making potential coasters!:bigsmile: :cool: