NeroCDSpeed disc quality doesn't work with some benq dw1640 and dw1620

NeroCDSpeed “disc quality” doesn’t work with some benq dw1640 and dw1620.
the start button is grayed out.

with “advanced disc quality” i get “invalid command operation code (052000)”.

since today that won’t work. as far as last week it works fine.
curiously enough with opti drive control it works without problems.

Driver : Aspi32
Description : ASPI for WIN32 Kernel Driver
Version : 4.60 (1021)
Company : Adaptec

no virtual drives.
i didn’t change anything.

any idea?

if i start win xp home with f8 at safe mode i can use “disc quality” without problems.

so, there must be only a litte issue.

now i furnished a new administrator account.
it also works.

i think the issue are wrong parameters.
how can i reset the possible parameters, maybe at the registry?
what are the right addresses to fix that problem?