NeroBurn raised exception

I am writting a backup program with NeroAPI v1.08 in VC++ 6.0, the function is to create two directories and write some files to DVD-R disc for backup purpose.
what program does is :

  • use NeroCreateIsoTrackEx to create an ISO track with joliet feature
  • invoke NeroBurn with NBF_CLOSE_SESSION|NBF_WRITE

the problem is that when the burning progress gets to “writing lead-out” pharse, NeroBurn always raises exceptions which show “0xC0000005 address: access violation”. but all files can be written into DVD disc in spite of exception, that make me confused very much, does any other body have this problem? any advice is welcome, thanx in advance.

PS: Even if i run the sample program that was contained in NeroAPI SDK, the NeroFiddles application, VC++ Debug view could aslo show that Nerofiddles raised some exception infomation when burning. and i have made test in both Nero v6.6.0.16 and v7.0.1.2

:confused: :confused:

You have a non valid pointer variable
Post me the souce please