NeroBurn hangup during burn SVCD


If I try to burn a SVCD (with several jpgs as slideshow) WITHOUT an installed DVD-Video Plug-in (which AFAIK also cover SVCD creation) the call of NeroBurn hangs and never returns.

I know that no SVCD could created, if the needed plugin is not installed. But my problem is, that the call of NeroBurn not return. I think a proper returncode (like NEROAPI_BURN_FAILED or NEROAPI_BURN_FUNCTION_NOT_ALLOWED) should returned.

Is there any way to reach such behavior? If not, is there any way to check the plugin existence before NeroBurn?

Or is that a “known problem” with no solution? (i hope not)

(the same code for VCD works fine)

Thanks for any help,


Which version of Nero do you use?
Can you reproduce the same behaviour if you try to burn a SVCD with NeroCMD? If yes, please post the parameters used.

I used Nero OEM Now I updated to the newest version ( and NeroBurn returns NEROAPI_BURN_FAILED now. My main problem seems to be solved by this update. But I cannot differ between “normal” write error (buffer underrun, bad medium, …) and no installed plugin in my application.

Maybe you can change the result value for this case from NEROAPI_BURN_FAILED to NEROAPI_BURN_FUNCTION_NOT_ALLOWED or a new return value something like NEROAPI_BURN_PLUGIN_NOT_INSTALLED in one of the next versions. I think, this would better fit and the client application can display a proper error message.

The call :

NeroCmd --write --drivename e --svideocd 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

should produce the problem with Nero OEM
(I could not reproduce it, because I updated before I try it with NeroCmd)

NeroCmd with Nero OEM version reports:

PHASE: Prepare items

Preparing items

[i] Preparing items

[#] Preparation of item ‘1.jpg’ failed.

Burn process failed!

Thank you for your help.