NeroBackItUp and system partitions



Hello Nero BIU Users,

As I have not found this specific problem here I hope that somebody can helpt me.

I am using Nero since a long time as a happy customer. I used BIU successfully to backup harddrives using DVW-RWs. (I did not experience the disk span problems mentioned in this forum)

Yesterday I tried to use BIU to burn an “image” of a boot-partition of a laptop (running Win2K and newest Nero 6 Reloaded version - December 3rd) using the image recorder via LAN to my server. The burn process was finished successfully (with the usual verify problems of active harddrives but according to BIU FAQ this is not a problem) and it was no problem to burn CD-RWs from these images. When it came to restoring there were no problems either. The CD-RW did boot up and I was able to restore the whole partition. No errors with NTRestore. So far so good.

But when I tried to start up the system it looked like the system would boot up again. But later in the boot process (at the end of the Windows 2000 splashscreen) Win2K crashed with the information that some part of the registry was damaged. Safe Mode bootup was also not possible and resulted in an instant reboot. Therefore the whole thing was useless. :frowning:

Did anybody else successfully used BIU to boot up active partitions?