NeroAPI: short leadout vs. standard leadout



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I’m the author of ImgTool. Since version 6.6 the API only closes the disc using the “short leadout”. Some of the ImgTool users contact me because they believe that the short leadout decreases the DVD compatibility.

Now my question: Is it possible to force the API to write a standard leadout and NO short leadout? Does this make sense in any way? Personally I believe that it doesn’t matter if the lead out is a short one or not because it only marks the physical end of the disc… but maybe you know it better.

I’m using: Visual C++ 6 / Nero / Nero SDK 1.05 (API Version 6.3.14)

Thanx for you help!

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Sorry to bother you at Nero Inc. but I thought you guys know the difference between the short leadout and the standard one while writing on DVD-R …

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And we will not let you down.
The short leadout will be written, if the disc is not written in DVD high compatibility mode.
DVD high compatibility mode writes at least 1GB data on the disc, even also if the user data does not contain enough material. In such a case the remaining space is filled with dummy data. Currently there is no need to write DVDs in the high compatibility mode, because only very old standalone player require it.
Therefore short leadout does not specially impact the compatibility of DVD-Video discs.
But you can force NeroAPI to burn in DVD high compatibility mode using the flag NBF_DVDP_BURN_30MM_AT_LEAST.


I always use the flag NBF_DVDP_BURN_30MM_AT_LEAST but the API records short leadout at DVD-R media. The high compat. mode only takes effect if the data you try to record is smaller than 1GB. If you record more data, the flag is ignored I think.

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The flag is never ignored, also if you burn more than 1GB. But to cut a long story short there are not known issues about reduced compatibility on DVD-R burnt with short lead out.
Btw. are you really sure you are always using NBF_DVDP_BURN_30MM_AT_LEAST flag in your ImgTool Burn application? :wink:


Oh yes, I’m really, really, really sure that I always use this flag! But when I have a look into the log I often see something like “High Compatibility Mode OFF”.

If you - until now - don’t know anything about compatibility issues with the short leadout … now you know it.

Greets, CouJo!


Even ‘High Compatibility Mode OFF’ means NBF_DVDP_BURN_30MM_AT_LEAST flag is not set.



OK, you’re right. Found a special masking case … my fault.

Sorry to have bothered you.

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Marked! I will come back to check this soon!thanks a lot.:slight_smile:
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