NeroAPI - legal use

Hi All,

My company is looking for a CD recorder SDK and I have few questions about legal use of NeroAPI SDK. I’d like to verify my understanding of NeroAPI licence, so please, tell me when I am wrong and forgive me my poor english:

  1. To develop my own applications based on NeroAPI should I buy full version Nero 6 Reloaded? Or is it possible to work with Nero 6 OEM or Nero Express?

  2. Will my application be working with any Nero products? (OEM, Express, etc)

  3. Burning CDs will be an additional feature of the program. All my clients have to buy Nero software, even they are not going to use CD recorder? Or only in case of burning CDs?



  1. For development of own applications using NeroSDK each version of Nero/Nero
    Express can be used. NeroAPI is a part of each Nero inastallation. But in some Nero
    version not all NeroAPI features are available.

  2. Yes, but as mentioned above the functionality available in a particular Nero
    installation may differ.

  3. With NeroSDK you are able to determine, if NeroAPI is available on the system,
    regardless if it was installed before the application or afterwards. Therefore the burn
    feature of you application can be switched dynamically on or off. It will not impact on
    remaining functionality.

Note, you are not allowed to distribute NeroAPI files with own burn application without
special contract with Nero AG. Please contanct for more information.