neroAPI in web applications

Hello, I have done some research on this but have not found a definative answer. is NeroAPI supported in a web application?

The neroAPI documentation has this to say about concurrency:

Does the NeroAPI support burning to several drives in parallel?
You cannot initiate two burns at the same time in the same process with NeroAPI but
it should not be a problem to start two processes. Try burning with two separate
instances of NeroCMD.

My intended use of neroAPI is for users of my web app to self serve themselves ISOs. The ISOs would be created server side on the fly. The issue here is that IIS runs multiple sessions in one process. Two users in one process could want to burn an iso simultaneously.

Is it possible that neroAPI would work in this scenario? More importantly, is this supported? Has neroAPI been stress tested? If so, how many processes can burn an iso simultaneously?