I wrote my own program in C++ and use the NeroAPI.dll.
I can burn CD`s with my program.
Now I try to burn a DVD with my program but I cannot find out, how I can use the NeroAPI.dll in the right way to get the free capacity of a DVD?

Does anyone know how I can get this free capacity?



I just wanna let you know that I fixed my problem by myself.
It was ma mistake, because with the NeroAPI.dll I can get the free and used blocks on a CD or DVD.
For a CD I get 333000 blocks, for a DVD I get 2200000 blocks. To get the Bytes I have to multiply the block with 2048.

But I used a DWORD to save the result :frowning:
A DWORD only holds 4.2 GB, nt able to hold 4.7 GB.
When I used instead of a DWORD a ULONGLONG, all is perfect.

See you, Tomas