NeroAPI.dll through VB

Hey ya’ll… I use a little known programming language called “Liberty Basic” that is very similar to VB. In VB dlls are generally called by a “Declare function” call that states the name of the dll and the function used. In LB we use the following syntax:
open [name of dll] for [type] as [handle]
open “NeroAPI.dll” for dll as #nero

call dll to use a function in the dll
calldll #nero, “Function name”, _
param1 as long, _
param2 as ptr, _ 'ptr is LB’s version of “string”
param3 as short, _
return as void

Would anyone be able to give me a list of VB “Declare functions” for NeroAPI.dll? All I really need is a list of functions and their return parameters. Thanks in advance.
Lyos Gemini Norezel

Would it be more convenient for you if you used NeroCOM ?

No. I looked at the code NeroCOM used and it seems it doesn’t call the function the way I’m used to. I can’t be sure how to convert that to my language. Also callbacks are very limited and difficult to manage in my language. Are they necessary with this SDK?
Lyos Norezel

Any one have a list? Or do I need to find somewhere else to ask?
Lyos Gemini Norezel