Neroapi.dll documentation

Hi friends.

I need to develop a CD and DVD recording application using Borland C++ Builder 6. For this, I downloaded neroapi.dll version

I searched on the internet, but I could not find any documentation for this dll. Somebody can tell me where to find it? I am in despair, cause my time to develop the software is very short.

I read all the topics of this forum, and I think all I need is the dll documentation to finish my program.

Thanks in advance.

I have Nero API document in version Give me your Email then I send it to you.

My email is Thank you so very much, ahui. :slight_smile:

Hi AHui,

Can you send to me?
My email is
Thx you.

KL Chin

Hi Guyz!

I also need this. Can anyone kindly email it to me? here’s my email:



May I also have the documentation email



May be someone will be able to send me the documentation :

Thanks :slight_smile:

waiting for documentation too =)

waiting for documentation too =)

A way to download the Nero SDK with documentation & samples :

The page give a 404 Not Found error if you click directly. But, if you ask Google for the cached page (for example with “nero downloads-sdk” it is the first response), you will be able to download the API with samples and documentation.


(Thanks to gkberkheiser :))

Hello ahui.

Could you send me the documentation at edit?

Thanks for advance.

[QUOTE=ahui;1524089]I have Nero API document in version Give me your Email then I send it to you.[/QUOTE]

[mail address removed, use PM please], :slight_smile: thanks…