Following on from my problems with the time taken to ‘pre-process’ multiple files prior to burning, i’ve now moved NeroBurn into a worker thread.

All was OK with my old CD Writer (an LG 8x) & a Nero Demo version (6.x.x.x), but i’ve just installed a newer drive (an Artec) with a full copy of Nero (ver and now it fails to write - shortly after NeroBurn is called i get error NEROAPI_BURN_DRIVE_NOT_ALLOWED. I also get Memory Leaks now whereas i didnt before.

What causes this error - is it the version of Nero?

It also does it on another drive - a Phillips (again with full Nero install version

Sorry - just realised what the cause is. The Nero i installed WASNT the one that came with the drive!!! I’ve now located the correct CD & will try that one.