NeroAPI and remote CD burners?



Using NeroAPI (or even Nero Burn program), is it possible to do burning to a CD burner which is not on your local PC ?

eg. You are on PC “X”, and you wish to burn to a CD-R burner physically attached to PC “Y”, over a LAN. The PCs are both running Windows. Is this possible with Nero API ? If so, is there anything special you need to do to get it to work ? (eg. which PCs does Nero have to be installed on ?)



Yes, it is possible…

You have to write your own client application, with the userinterface and so on, that generates some output file, that you can use with another application on the Burn-Server
i’d suggest to copy alle the files to burn and the Job description file to a share on the Burn-Server.

It’s up to you to set up some other way of communication like XML and TCP/IP…

On the Burn server you need to have nero installed, and have your own Programm which uses NeroAPI to burn the cd.
you’ll also ahve to write some interface (E.g. textfiles on another share) that describe wich data should be burned.
as soon as there is a new textfile, your application has to burn the corresponding folder.