NeroApi and Alcohol120%

I have a problem with the NERO_CD_INFO structur.
If Alcohol120% is installes, I cannot get the correct number of unused blocks from a medium (CD-R, CD-RW) with
I always get a value bigger than unused block. Thats more than 8 terra byte unused space on the medium.
After I deinstalled Alcohol120%, I get the correct number of unused block of a medium.
Did Ahead knows that problem?

Thanx, Tomas

I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem with Nero Which version of Nero did you use? And on which Windows version did you experience this problem?

I use WinXP Prof. (without SP1) and Alcohol120% Version 1.3.5 (Build 1112) and the new Nero Version I also use the new Nero SDK Files

  • neroapi.h
  • neroapiglue.h
  • neroapiglue.lib
  • nerouserdialog.h

To get NeroCDInfo I use (like in NeroCmd.exe):
m_NeroCDInfo = NeroGetCDInfo(m_NeroDeviceHandle, NGCDI_READ_CD_TEXT)

I tried 2 CD writers:
Mitsumi CR-48x5TE and
Lite-On LTR 52246S

I tried to get the free and unused blocks of a

  1. CD-RW (Fujifilm, CD-RW 700MB, 4x-10x highspeed) and
  2. CD-R (Fujifilm, CD-R 700MB, 1-40x multispeed) and

On 1. I get with “Mitsumi CR-48x5TE”
NERO_CD_INFO->ncdiFreeCapacityInBlocks = 192932
NERO_CD_INFO->ncdiUnusedBlocks = 4294607447

With “Nero -> Rekorder -> Medium Information… -> Disk-Info” I got the following:
CD-ROM Gesamtkapazität: 34:33:42 304MB
CD-ReWritable Verfügbare Kapazität: 42:52:32 377MB
There is only one Session and one Track in the CD-RW.

I also tried CD writer “Lite-on LTR 52246S”.
It shows with “Nero -> Rekorder -> Medium Information… -> Disk-Info” the same like above.
I also get FreeCapacityInBlocks = 192932 and
UnusedBlocks = 4294607447.

After I deinstalled Alcohol 120% with Alcohols deinstallation feature from the startmenu, I get the correct CD Infos on both recorders (Mitsumi and Lite-on):
NERO_CD_INFO->ncdiFreeCapacityInBlocks = 192932
NERO_CD_INFO->ncdiUnusedBlocks = 0

Maybe you can try it on your computer. If you cannot reconstruct it`s okay. I usually not use Alcohol on the same computer like my private small nero program.
Thanx for helping,