NeroAPI dosen't work with NERO7

Hi, I’ve downloaded and installed Nero7 evaluation version. I’m using NeroAPI version and suddenlly nothing is working for me - simple burning that worked just fine for version 6.x.x.x now failes. the basic operations such as NeroInit() or GetVersion works fine, but trying to actally burn results in errors such as " Joliet names of these files (listed here in ISO-L3) are the same:" and
“[6100] Preparation of ISO 9660 structures failed”.
does Nero has a new API version for Nero7? what’s needed in order to resolve this problem?

Of course there is a new NeroAPI inside Nero7 but the interfaces did not changed significantly. So the API stays still binary compatible with previous versions. Could it be there is a bug inside, therefore I’d suggest to make an update of Nero7 .

Thanks for your answer. I know that there is a binary compatibility, since I manage to connect to the API. What do you mean by ‘update of nero7’ ? the NeroAPI.dll version is - does Nero has a newer version?
Does the error messages i’ve mentioned make some sense?
Does Nero has any kind of actual (phone-call) support (even paid) for API problems?


I having the same issue going from 6.0 API to 6.6 API. We have an application that works just fine burning files to either CD or DVD with Nero 6.3 but versions above 6.6 die. I’ve been running it through the debugger and get an error “Unhandled Exception in X.exe (NEROAPI.DLL): 0xC0000005: Access Violation” on the neroburn stmt. I can’t find anything wrong with the syntax of the stmt. What gotchas have some of you others run into that had to be changed to accommadate the updated files?

I upgraded to 6.6 on my machine and am using the 6.6 API files. So both of them should be in sync so there must be something that I have to change in the old code (which I didn’t write originally) or its in the system level.

Thanks for your help.

Just as an update. I’ve checked the registry for the value of the AllocateCDROM and it is set to zero so I don’t have to worry about only the local user having access, just incase NERO tries to access it as some other user.

Even if my previous explanation doesn’t sound like what you’ve experienced please give me suggestions.

It looks like the NERO_SETTINGS and NERO_PROGRESS objects are created correctly as well as the writeCD. But I could be wrong. I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance for anyone who replys.